Monday, July 26, 2021

Overheard at Table 5: Wicktims (51-55)


By this time, I'm wondering how this guy can keep going on.  I mean, he's lost about as much blood as he's taken.

51. Brad Boyle.  Had quit real estate because it was too boring.   This job offered a lot more excitement.

52. Len Fremont.  Has a special needs son at home.  Kid’s mom split last year to move to New Orleans with a guy who runs his own landscaping service.  The kid may or may not even think to call his mom when Len doesn’t come home.

53. Carl Axton.   Likes picking up girls in bars.  The younger they look, the more he likes to pick them up.   Always has a fantasy of putting them over his knee and spanking them.

55. Mickey Lambert.   Three tours in Afghanistan.  Loved that job.  Loves this job.  Loves the training, loves the action.  Even loves all the time spent just standing around, waiting for the action.

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