Sunday, July 25, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Wicktims (45-50)


OK, now we are 1/6th of the way through the list.  Hope you are enjoying these!


45. Roland Sanderson.   Had been a truck driver.  It was boring, but at least didn’t end with his neck getting snapped by this insane assassin.

46. Jerry Janeskeiwki.  Plays bass every Thursday night in a bluegrass band that entertains the residents at an Alzheimer’s facility.  He likes to see them enjoying the music.  Even those who don’t even speak, they tap their feet to the beat of the music.  They remember the songs.  It brings something alive inside them.

47. Ivan Petranovich.  He had been a star on his soccer team in high school.  He misses those days.  They were the best days of his life.

48. Connor Floyd.   Kinda sad that now he’ll never get a chance to tell “Big Tom” Robinson that he has a crush on him.

49. Mathieu Le Pen.  Has a maze of model train in his man-cave basement.  Also has a bunch of porn on his computer that his wife will probably find, which will lead her to cancel the memorial service.

50. Gerardo Valenzuela.  Loves karaoke night at a pub near his house.  Always loves taking his wife there and serenading her with all the Alejandro Sanz songs that she likes.

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