Friday, July 16, 2021

Overheard at Booth 1: Wictims (31-35)


A compendium of those who have died at the hands of John Wick over the first three movies:



31. Jack Kihn.  Dating a teller at a bank.  When he told her about his job, she asked if he could stage a robbery.  She’d be the “inside person.” He was seriously considering the idea.

32. Tyler Morrison.  Likes pizza.  A lot.  It would be the only food that he would ever eat, if his housemate didn’t once in awhile demand that they order Thai food.

33. Pedro Garza.   The extra money that he earns from his side job as a bouncer he sends to his girlfriend and his kids in El Salvador.  The majority of his paycheck from this job, he sends to his mom, his wife and his kids in Honduras.

34. Lillian Abbey.   She was so afraid that one day, after she got too old to do this kind of work, that she would end up a lonely old cat lady.

35. Josh Laurent.   Realizes now that he should have taken that offer to study abroad in Germany that final year of college.





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