Thursday, July 22, 2021

Overheard at Table 2: All Things

All Things

All things,
we wish the substance of all things
we spread our metaphoric wings to 
encompass all things
we makes up new songs to sings
to sings about all things
we laugh at all things what each new dawn brings
we wants to experience all things
we want to holds 'em close,

all these things
and we ain't never happy, it seems
that we can only have some
of these things,
but we wants all 
of these things, not just
one or
of these things.

and so, our hands we wrings
wishing to be livin' like kings
but we's like kites with broken strings
flopping on the breeze we swings
into the sky we bein' flings
and oh my oh my that sunlight stings
when it fills us with the real-eye-ZINGS
that we ain't never
gonna get close to
alla these things.



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