Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Wicktims (56-60)


In a way, I'm hoping that this list will inspire more fanfic to write background stories for other nameless (often faceless) humans who are nothing more than roadkill for the MC.


56. Lee Huang.   His grandfather used to lock him him in a non-functioning freezer for several hours at a time, in order to make him get used to the solitude and the dark.  He thought it would make the boy strong, but it only made him silent.

57. Fuk Ngo.   Always pretended to hate how his American buddies would use his name (“Are we gonna lose?”  “FUK NGO!”  “Are our enemies gonna walk outta here?”  “FUK NGO!”), but really, he was touched by it. 

58. Hussein al Bar Zawi.  Had a calculating mind.  Always crafty.  Always looking for the alternative plan.  The way of achieving the objective if the planned ways failed.   However, on this day, he ducked right when he should have ducked left.

59. Ziad Al-Jama.   Always enjoyed seeing his enemies blood spilling on the ground.   His last sight on this earth was seeing his own blood spilling on the ground.

60. Nasir Al-Sa’adi.  His one joy in this world was teaching his littlest daughter how to read.  Her voice was like tiny bells, and he goes to his death with the memory of that sweet sweet sound in his ears, almost as if she were reading a story to him to carry him into that which lies beyond this world.


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