Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Overread at the Counter: The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas
and all through the cafe,
not a guitar was strumming,
All were quiet today.
The beans were still nestled
all sacked on the shelf,
and Verble was taking inventory,
like a right jolly old elf.
He enjoyed this time,
when the cafe was empty,
knowing that all patrons
were with friends and family.
Verble hung up the mugs
with all of great care,
knowing that by tomorrow,
the cupboards would be bare,
For the coffee would be flowing,
and music would fill the cafe
for everyone would return
with more stories to fill the day.
And among all the tales
of adventures of the weekend,
he knew there would be at least one
about a love with no end:
A love that came down
Like a hole torn through Time,
to be born as a child,
Just to walk through this Life.


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