Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Overread at Table 5: Matthew's Letter to the CREUNITES in the time of COVID

1. Matthew, a follower of Christ, to all the deacons and brethren of the CREO #1 Group.
2. Be bold and strong in these times of corona, my brethren, as the Lord God in Jesus Christ was strong in his last days of humbling Himself to the Cross.
3. And be not ashamed of the Word, be not ashamed to stand for the Word, and to reach out to your brethren with the glory of the Word,
4.  And wear your mask, as the mask shows that you love your brother, and your neighbor.
5.  For the mask shows that you do not wish to transmit disease, and that is love,
6. For if we do not wear a mask, we do not show love to others, for we may transmit the disease.
7. Therefore, brothers, love as Christ loved us, and wear the darn mask!


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