Sunday, September 20, 2020

Overheard at Booth 2: What SUV Should I Get?


Wife: What SUV should I get?

Husband: Get the one you want.

Wife: You're just saying that so I won't get mad at you.

Husband: OK, on the first one, what do you like about it?

Wife: I like that it makes me feel rich, and I've never had a truly LUXURY car ...

Husband: ... anything else?

Wife: No.  That's about it.

Husband: Now what about the other one?

Wife: I love the color, I love the body, I love the interior, I like how it feels when I drive it, it's sturdy, it's off the ground, it's spacious on the inside, it's big but not too big, it just feels right.

Husband: Then get that one.

Wife: Why that one?

Husband: Because you are more passionate about that one.  The first one, it's a status symbol, but the second one, you obviously are more passionate about.

Wife: The other one it is then.

Husband: Excellent.

Wife: And you'll like it, too.

Husband: Why?

Wife: It's ten grand less than the other.

Husband: Now THAT's what I call a "win-win"!

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