Thursday, September 17, 2020

Overread at Booth 2: Notes for Salinghetti Chronicles Vol. 360 - First Fall Night

 The Salinghetti Chronicles Vol. 360

First Fall Night

Matthew LaBarge – Prelude

Fred Small – The Heart of the Appaloosa

Spectrum – The Thunder Rolls

Ani DiFranco – Both Hands

Kenny Baker & Bill Monroe - Jerusalem Ridge

Ani DiFranco – Dog Coffee

Bill Monroe – Going Across the Sea

Ani DiFranco – Fire Door

Spectrum – While She Sleeps

Ani DiFranco – The Slant

Fred Small - Talking Wheelchair Blues

Ani DiFranco – Rush Hour

Matthew LaBarge – Love Song

Ani DiFranco – Out of Habit

Ani DiFranco – Every Angle

Spectrum – Ricky’s Prayer

Ani DiFranco – Work Your Way Out

Ani DiFranco – Talk to Me Now

Spectrum – Storms in Africa

Ani DiFranco – Letting the Telephone Ring

Spectrum – The Thunder Rolls

he looked out the window a the mist of the darkening sun, the late afternoon rain, that thundered into early evening, and the cool mist that it created – the mist that he knew was from the heat and the steam of the ground, as though the hearth were giving up its own breath, as though as a refutation of the breath that God had breathed into the creatures that He had formed from the dust . . . 

Ani DiFranco – Both Hands

and she was wandering through the rain in the evening and she was hunched down inside her thick peacoat that was once belonged to her great uncle and she was passing by the stone buildings and iron railings and in this grey Manhattan midwinter she had the cellphone crocked under her cheek and she was listening for the end of the line to answer and she was rubbing both hands together and blowing steam through her fingers and they were numb and red and she was thinking

about old women’s faces behind doors as she snuck men to her room and she was thinking of the lampshade that he broke in low moans and the curtains that were torn from the rungs and she was thinking of her both hands that she rubbing together now how her fingers traced the downline of his back and found the soft hair of his plexus and how

both her hands

had been in both his hands and how

they had all been warm.

Kenny Baker & Bill Monroe – Jerusalem Ridge

Ani DiFranco – Dog Coffee

walking Central Park,

outside, leaves crossing path where roots kicking up the sidewalk,

going into – and then

at first light walking through a procedure in the dark,

Ani DiFranco – Fire Door

looking out the window while drinking coffee

While She Sleeps

Ani DiFranco – Pale Purple

woman behind the counter – reaching for keys – tight behind the shirt

Matthew LaBarge – Love Song

watching her walk toward the bathroom, shedding her coat as she strides, the elegance of her calves, slender yet strong, sinews lacing around the Achilles heel.

she stretches,  pulling her hair out from the tieback, letting it cascade in black waterfall.




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