Saturday, September 26, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: Deacons in Training

Pastor: Thanks for meeting me here today, guys.  Let's start off with prayer requests... do we have any needs specifically for jobs and our places of work?

Kevin: Well, my job just laid me off because I couldn't sell their slant well drill bit in this downturn, so pray for me.

Carlos: Before COVID, they wanted me to bump up my hours to 70-80 hour weeks, and I told them I didn't want to do that. Just 50 hours, tops, so this whole year they have criticized my work and finally told me that my last day is after this month's end close.  I'm training my replacement.

Matthew: My company just got bought out, so the entire Accounting department is getting let go after the first of the year, so pray for all my staff ... and me, too, please.

Gabriel: My wife's company is outsourcing their entire Accounting department to Columbia, so please pray for her.

Chris: Ever since I was laid off from my sales gig, I haven't been able to find work in six months, so please keep me in prayer.

Pastor: Oh my goodness!  Keep me in prayer too!

Matthew: What can we pray for for you, Pastor.

Pastor: That you all find jobs soon!  Since your tithes pay my salary, I think I just got a pay cut!

Kevin: Well, since our tithes pay your salary, you can pick up the tab for breakfast today!

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