Sunday, September 20, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: 80's Fashion

1: Remember those jackets we used to wear that had the shoulders that pointed out like arrows.

2: Yeah.  My husband says that when he first met me, I looked like a linebacker.

1: Can I tell you something?  A secret?  I still have mine.

2: Omigawd, really?  Me too!  Packed away in a box in the attic, but yeah, I've got mine.

1: Think they'll ever come back in style?

2: Probably not until we're in nursing homes, and by then all we'll wanna wear are t-shirts, pajama bottoms and slippers.

1: Yeah.  Maybe my daughter will have an 80's theme party she'll go to some time.

2: If we ever get over this COVID mess.

1: God, so true!

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