Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Overread at Booth 3: Salinghetti Chronicles Vol 190 - Persimmon and Lace

t1 Jocelyn West feat. David Lynch "Flame and Visions"

couch back, table turned, room darkened, throw pillows on the floor, thrown, staid, stayed.  She is gone now.  Gone forever.  Gone to the store.  Gone going gone, and then the thundercrack the lightning bolt, the sky outside is purple like a blood blister wanting to burst out loud and crush everything in its path.

t4 - Emiliana Torrini "Nothing Brings Me Down"

my love for you is ridiculous.  my love for you is waiting.  my love for you is a song you sing in the in the rain.  my love for you is what brings down the wildlings and the roses. 

my love for you is hidden.  my love for you peers out from behind the smooth stones in the garden where the water flows.

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