Saturday, July 11, 2020

At the Counter: Three Days in the Canal

John Payton Payne took a sip of his coffee and told Niall Carter, "I keep thinking about this thing that I heard last month, on BBC, Witness - "

"I love that programme," said Niall Carter, "They always have this particular date, what happened on it x-number of years ago, that sort of thing, right?"

"Yeah," said Payne, "And this was last month, maybe last December, I dunno, but they had this guy talking about the First Gulf War, when it started, a ....

[and at that point, our stenographer passed out and missed the rest of the conversation, which has now been posted here as a copy from a lost conversation circa 2012]

[The editors of the Zen and Tao Acoustic Cafe do apologise in advance for the error.]

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