Friday, July 24, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: Norsemen on Netflix

Meg: Season 3 came out last night.  Binged it while you were asleep.

Meg's Boyfriend: How was it?

Meg: So stupid!  You know I hate flashbacks!  The whole Season 3 is one giant flashback to before Season 1.

Meg's Boyfriend: Does that mean it's got Freya in it?

Meg: Yeah, it's got Freya in it.

Meg's Boyfriend: Then I'll watch it.

Meg: What ... you got some sort of thing for Freya?

Meg's Boyfriend: Of course I do.  She reminds me of you.

Meg: Then maybe I should ravish you like she did to one guy in the episode 2!

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