Monday, July 27, 2020

Overheard at Booth 3: The State of Modern Communication (It's the Shits)

F: Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT!

G: What?

F: I just sent the text to the WRONG cousin!

G: OK, just re-send it to the right one.  What's the big deal.

F: It's talking shit ABOUT HER!

G: Oh shit.

F: Oh shit is right!

G: Just recall it.  Can you recall it?

F: NO!  She's already read it!

G: Oh shit.

F: No shit.

G: You're in deep shit.

F: She's texting back!

G: What's she say?

F: She's still typing ... "Well, shit, didn't expect that."

G: What didn't you expect?

F: No.  That's what she wrote.

G: Well, that's not a totally bad reaction.

F: And now she just texted EAT SHIT!

G: No shit?

F: No shit.

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