Thursday, July 2, 2020

Overheard at Booth 1: We Always Go Low, We Never Go High

The movie Frida had a line in there in which Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo said that she always used the "tu" form with everyone, not the more respectful "Usted" in order to show that everyone was equal.

Which is good.  Equality is good.  Sure, yeah.  But I always wondered why she then used the more familiar "tu" instead of just using "Usted" with everyone.  Wouldn't that have shown that all people are deserving the respect that we normally reserve for kings?

This came to mind last Sunday when the pastor during his sermon said that pornography among women was at an all-time high.  Made me think of the current cultural trend that allows women to pursue an unchecked libido, something which had, in prior eras, been reserved only for men.  This is evidenced by my high school children's reports that, "Dad, you just don't know or understand ... girls just practically throw themselves on top of guys, right in the classroom.  You can't really get what you and Mom used to think of as just going out.  Girls wanna do it on the first date.  They expect it."

Again, I know the culture is saying YAY!  WOMEN GET THE SAME AS MEN! And while we think we can celebrate the unchecked libido of the American female, why did we promote that instead of, for once and for all, tell men to keep it in their pants?

But instead of telling men to keep it in their pants, we told women to unzip their flies whenever the mood strikes.

We always go low.  We never go high.

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