Sunday, May 31, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: NFNE Day 472

1: Did you see the police van ram the protesters in New York?

2: Yeah.  Harsh.

3: Well, you throw shit at a cop car, what do you expect?

2: I didn't know that any of those protesters took a solemn oath to serve and protect the public.

3: It's stupid to go up against cops.

1: Maybe the cops shouldn't be out there murdering people, then.

2: And what about the border patrol van last year?  Dude called migrants "subhuman" and ran him over with his truck.  Should he have known better?

3: Maybe should have known better than to come to the country illegally.

1: Last I heard, running someone over with a car is a bigger crime than crossing the border, so maybe you should should the fuck up.

3: Last time I meet with you snowflakes.

Notes From a National Emergency
Day 472

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