Friday, November 27, 2020

Overheard at Table 2L Matthew McConaughey on the Future of the Movie Theater

Strange how we need to hear Biblical lessons from people of the world.  Non-believers.  Or, if they are believers, you would never be able to tell from their lifestyles.  Anyway, though, heard a BBC interview with Matthew McConaughey a few weeks back and he said something really insightful, truly insightful.   

They were discussing the death of the movie theatre as we know it: COVID has killed the movie-going experience.  They asked McConaughey if he was afraid regular movie going experience would never return.

His answer: “I’m not ‘afraid’ of it.  I don’t have any fear of anything I can’t control. What happens with movies is totally out of my hands.  It’s like when I fly on a plane.  I don’t have any fear because I know I’m not the second best pilot of the plane.  So I just accept that whatever happens to the plane is not up to me.”

And even though the questioner probably meant something different than actual “fear,” the response was brilliant, and Biblical.  “Take no thought of today, tomorrow has succifient evil.”  This whole philosophy is to teach us that we can only control what is within our control, which is, at the end of everything, our reaction to circumstances.  Almost everything else in this world is beyond our control, and so, it does not good to fear it or worry about it.   That only prevents us from preparing ourselves how to react adequately to it.

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