Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: Mark Twain's "Puddin'head Wilson"

Read this on vacation to a resort in Yucatan during August 2018.

Frankly, it read more like an outline for a novel than an actual novel.  It seemed rushed, as though he was just wanting to get the ideas down on paper rather than truly wanting to develop the characters.

It's a moral tale about how race, and class, ultimately, is a social construct.  Two boys, one born to a slave and one born to a slave owner, are switched at birth by the mother slave, so that her child could grow up in privilege.

The story follows the privileged usurper more than the one who grew up as a slave.  

If ever fully fleshed out, it would make a great mini-series, or limited series.  There are plenty of characters and a variety of subplots that would carry a really well done and well-crafted show.

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