Thursday, June 11, 2020

Overheard at Table 4: War Movies

Evinston: Have you seen the Hurt Locker?

Jeremias: Can't.  Can't watch those kinds of movies.  Once you see your buddies getting killed, you don't really wanna watch it again in a movie.

Evinston: Sorry, man.

Matthew: What about Hacksaw Ridge?   I know you can't watch 'em, but that's a good one.  Seventh Day Adventist refuses to carry a rifle and all the other guys in the platoon beat him down because they think he's gonna get them killed.  Then he saves hundreds when they're pinned down by Japs.  True story.

Jeremias: I heard about that.  Heard it was good.  Still, I just stick with Fast and Furious and the Marvel movies.  At least you know that stuff is so over the top it's all just like a cartoon.

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