Sunday, June 21, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is so tricky, as there are so many different feelings around Fatherhood and so many conflicting relationships that we have with our fathers.  We all want the ideal of the father who is present, positive, and protective.  Often I think we at most, get two out of three, if we're lucky.

The unlucky ones get none of the three.

But let me explain a little about the three aspects of fathers.  Present is the guy who shows up at all the sporting events and takes you to the doctor and knows everything about your life, because he's always there.  Often he is positive but that is not guaranteed.  Sometimes he can be a sullen cuss and some dads can want to know everything about your life because they are overbearing control-freaks.

The positive dad is the one who always sees the bright side of everything.  Sometimes the positive dad can be a silly goofball and never really be serious when he needs to be.

The protective dad always makes sure that you have what you need.  Often restricted to food, clothing, and shelter.  You already know that this type of dad is usually the workaholic.

So yeah, you're darn lucky if you get the trifecta.  If you do, say a thank you to God for your blessings.  But heck, even if your dad has just one of these good qualities, be grateful for that as well.

There's a load of kids out there who have or had fathers who never had any of these qualities.

Happy Father's Day

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