Monday, January 30, 2023

Overheard a Booth 1: You Make Funny Voices

Morning, getting ready for work, wife is ready first and is just about to leave.

Wife: Love you, see you tonight!  Oh, and ... stop making funny voices.

Husband: What do you mean?

W: Last night, as you were in the closet, getting ready for bed, you were making these funny voices, like you were having a conversation.  Like, with two other people... one even cackled!

H: Ah, yeah, that must've been this comedy show that one of my friends sent me.  I was just remembering it and saying it out loud, because it sounded so cool.

W: Well, it's weird.  And it's not the first time.  I hope you don't do it at work.  People will think you're crazy.

H: I don't.  No worries.  Have a great day at work babe!

W: You too, mi amor.

She leaves.

Voice 1: Whoa, shit, that was close.

Voice 2: Yeah, you gotta be more careful, dude!

H: Me?  You two need to ratchet it down a notch.  Especially with the cackle.

Voice 1: Well, if she's on to us, we may have to handle the situation.

H: What do you mean by that?

Voice 2: Just what we said ... handle the situation.

H: You guys aren't gonna handle anything.  You're gonna back off.

Voice 2: Yeah ... sure.

Voice 1: You're the boss ... for now.

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