Thursday, March 3, 2022

Overheard at Table 4: Fish City Grill



Fish City Grill, Beryland Mall, Beryland TX


Cajun, and y’all know what that means… spicy.

Some of you Cajun food lovers might actually consider it not as spicy as you’d like it, but seriously, why does everything have to burn?  Breaks Rule #1 of Food.

OK, so we walk in, and the host is so stoned that for a moment he seemed not to understand why we were there.  I was thinking, man what is the deal with the weed in Beryland?  ALL these restaurant workers are so baked!

He was able to find his way to our table and our waiter was sober (thank the Lord) and while he couldn’t count off all the appetizers or describe them in any detail, he made a great attempt to do so, which, in these days, is better than nothing.

We had the Smok’n Hot Shrimp, which, if you’ve ever had Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish, this is the plate for you.  Spicy but no burn, just a delightful sting.

My wife thought the Garlic Caper Chicken was passable.  I had the Andouille Chicken and of course, immediately wondered why I do this to myself.  Andouille always sounds good, but the burn … lawdy!  (Sidenote: I took the majority of it home and had it for breakfast: pan fried and mixed with two eggs over easy helped to curb the burn and left me full and satisfied for the next day)

My wife had the bread pudding.  She offered to share, but this happens to be my fasting month, for which I’ve given up both breads and processed sugars.  So I got to enjoy the delicious aroma and the watch the wonderful steam pouring forth from that volcano of delicious syrupy goodness.

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