Thursday, March 10, 2022

Overheard at Booth 1: The Statement of the Arbiters of Cultural Heritage (ACH)

The Arbiters of Cultural Heritage (ACH, for short) step up to the podium and, gathering around, tap the microphone and state, "We, the Arbiters or Cultural Heritage hereby declare that, to take a stand against Euro-centered White-pseudo Christ Imperialism and all its detrimental effects, all deeply held ancient cultural traditions are to be honored and respected."

"Awesome!" shouts Japan, "Now we can go slaughter some dolphins!"

"Wait, what?" 

Newfoundlanders jump up and say, "Righty-o, lads, we're off to shoot some seals!"

ACH leans into the microphone.  "That's ... uhh, not what we meant!"

A coalition of African, Middle Eastern and Asian groups, led by a group from Ghana, shout, "We are glad to hear we can finally stop getting Western pushback for removing the clitorises from our pre-pubescent girls!"

The ACH huddles together.  "Err ... we might need to rethink this a bit."

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