Monday, March 7, 2022

Overheard at Table 1: Barr the ... Buffoonery

Billy: Heard William Barr on NPR today.

Joe: Still bloviating?

Jim: Says Pompeo played Trump.

Bob: How's that?

Billy: Says whenever Trump was chewing Pompeo out about something, all Pompeo had to do was say the word "Russiagate."

Joe: Then Trump would go off chasing that tangent.

Jim: And he'd forget what he was mad about in the first place.

Bob: So, his inner circle treated him like an Alzheimer's patient.

Billy: Pretty much.

Joe: And Barr says he'd vote for Trump in 2024?

Jim: Yup.

Bob: That kinda shows you how much Barr hates this country, don't it?

Billy: As if we didn't already know.

Joe: True.

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