Sunday, March 6, 2022

Overheard at Table 3: Gas Prices

"Wish everyone'd stop complaining about the high gas prices.  I mean, it's not like paying an extra dollar a gallon is going to make you have to choose between rent or heat or light.  Effin give up your lunches out for a week, or hell, ONE dinner out.  Give that up and you got the extra cash for the gas!

"And besides, there are positives to high gas prices: people start to carpool more, which gets more cars off the highways, which reduces wrecks and road rage.   Saves also the wear and tear on the cars not being driven.  Also, makes people plan their outings better, so they save time overall.

"Me, I see high gas prices as a more accurate measurement of the cost of raping Mother Earth of her natural resources.  But again, that's just me."

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