Sunday, August 15, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Scraps from an Old Blue Journal

July 2017 

    spit travels south, my loveable durcelo.  you drink bleach

    memories of Kennedy.  Caroline, not Teddy.


    Vorrei parlare l'italiano.

    Necesito practicarlo.

Hamika - Russian for "rude" (possibly for female) - Male may be "ham"


2017-0710  - Riverbend

    Back from the river

    afternoon - floating

    night - puking

    "fucking bitch" - slept on futon, cry to sleep.

        She tried to hold her breath to stop the tears, but there was no breath left.

This body that she had known for all these years, this body, his body, her body, this is what it feels when flesh is torn apart, exposing bone, and raw muscle and sinew.

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