Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Overheard at Table 2: Wicktims (106-110)


106. Rick “Vampire” Stevens.   Loaned his kid $500 to start his business of refurbishing old gaming equipment for resale.  Doesn’t think it will go anywhere, but it’s nice to see the kid working with his hands.

107. Nick Ledger.  This was a feeling that he thought he’d forgotten: Fear.  Not of dying, necessarily, but what comes immediately after.

108. Edward Carrazas.  After 15 years of saving and planning, he finally was able to buy a boat.  He named it THIS BOAT IS THE GOAT.

109. Holland Knight.  Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good Looking Corpse.  He had that on a t-shirt once.  He’s glad he got to fulfill it.

110. Cipriano Contreras.  Had spent yesterday arguing with a person whose doctoral thesis argued that writers should not discuss sex on open forums and if they do, they should lead with trigger warning.

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