Sunday, August 22, 2021

Overheard at Booth 1: Wicktims (96-100)


96. Mariusz Blazczak.  He had survived the Attack on New York, when the Avengers battled those alien invaders.  He thought if he could survive all those falling buildings, he could survive anything.

97. Gosswin Mussorsky.  A big fan of Basquiat.  He had a dream of saving up enough money one day to sit in a room and buy one.  He has $857,319.43 in a savings account for that one single purpose.   And no beneficiaries listed.

98. Kenny Two Beers.  His name is actually “Two Bears,” but HR screwed up his paperwork.  His last thought is that this is probably going to screw up his life insurance payout to his two daughters.

99. Jimmy Gomez.  Always knew a day was going to be a crap day unless he jerked off in the morning shower.  Today, he woke up late.  There was no time to jerk off in the shower.  Yup.  Crap day.

100. Santiago de la Rosa.  Dammit, now he’ll never get the chance to take his wife and kids to that all-inclusive resort in Yucatan.

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