Friday, May 28, 2021

Overheard at Table 5: School Mask Mandate

Clara:  I'm just gonna take my kid out of school.

Marta: Why?

Clara: They're putting in a mask mandate. 

Shelba: Those Socialist bastards!

Marta: But it'll stop the COVID spread.

Clara: The school can't tell me how to raise my child.

Shelba: ... and masks don't work anyway.  I know a person who wore TWO masks and still got COVID.

Marta: Well, my kid has autism and is also prone to infection, so if everyone wears a mask, he'll be protected from possibly catching it.

Clara: Well my kid has autism too and he can't function if anything take away his personal liberty.  He can't wear a mask or he'll have a panic attack and become uncontrollably violent.

Shelba: And my kid has autism and if she can't see other kids' faces, she can't work on her social cues.   

Clara: Your friend who got COVID, is she better now?

Shelba: Oh yeah, she's fine.

Marta:  That's good.

Shelba: Yeah.  She gave it to her husband though and he died.

Clara: Oh, sorry to hear that.

Shelba: It's OK.  He was all for the mask mandates in school.

Clara: Ah!  A Socialist.

Shelba: Looks like.

Marta: Was he autistic as well?

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