Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Overheard at Table 5: I Think my Wife's Cheating

Lucky Moran: Dude, I think my wife's cheating.

Otis Redwing: She'd never do that to you.  Don't be so paranoid.  What would make you think she's cheating?

Lucky: Right before bed, she always goes in the bathroom and is there on her phone for half an hour, forty-five minutes, and I keep hearing her giggling and saying, "Awwwww so CUUUUTE."

Otis: Lucky, she's not cheating.  She's on Cats of Instagram.

Lucky: You think so?

Otis: Know so.  My wife does the same thing.   Cats of Instagram.  She's looking at cute kitten videos.

Lucky: Dammit.  No way I can compete with kitty cuteness.

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