Saturday, May 22, 2021

Overheard at Booth 3: The Coffee Maker

Wife: I had a horrible dream last night.

Husband: Sorry to hear that. What was it about?

Wife: I dreamed that you were still with Shari, only she wasn't as fat.  She was might height, a little pudgy, like me.  It was like you couldn't decide between us.

Husband: That sounds like a nightmare, for sure.

Wife: And we were going to go somewhere, and she wanted to travel with us, and she called me a bitch and I called her a bitch.

Husband: Well, baby, no worries, you are the only choice.  

Wife: That's kind of what you said in the dream.  In the dream you said you were going with me and not her, because I make you coffee every morning.

Husband: Nice!

Wife: And I said, "Yes.  Always go with the one who makes you coffee."

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