Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: My Dad's into EDM

Blonde: Oh my god did I tell you my dad has gone totally off the deep end!

Brunette: Well, at a certain age, all dads kinda weird out.

Blonde: Not like mine. He like, is suddenly into EDM.  He's sayin weird shit like "DAW" and asking my brother to "score a midi pad to lay down some sick beats!"  

Brunette: That's so CUTE!

Blonde: EW!  No!  It's like he wants to be Deadmau5 or something.  I mean, my god, my dad's in his 40s!

Brunette: Isn't Deadmau5 in his forties?

Blonde: Yeah, but he's Deadmau5 and my dad is like ... my DAD!

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