Sunday, January 31, 2021

Overheard at Table 2: Soul (2021)

Seriously? Did they really need to make this movie? Haven't we had enough of movies about the afterlife being a joyous romp and a white light that we all will just quietly go into? And new souls being just bouncy babies on clouds waiting to come down to Earth? Did the Mormons write this movie? This smacks of Mormonism. And then the insufferable "Be true to yourself!" and "Find your purpose!" and "Follow your dreams!" My God I am so weary to my core with all these movies about just going after your dreams! It sets everyone up for disappointment, and it's a big fat lie. What people don't get is that most people who follow their dreams never even get to the point where this guy gets at the age of 55, which is some small gig in some small Jazz club. Most people don't even get that. These kind of films are feeding into a culture which does not prepare people to weather disappointment. And it's just simply silly.

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