Thursday, January 7, 2021

Overheard at Table 1: DC Breach

(after Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold)
DC is calm tonight.
The streets are full, the moon lies fair
Upon the Capitol Building, the boys, proud
Move freely through the streets,
Taking selfies with the Capitol Police.
Come to the window love, sweet
Is the night air.  I have the sign, half-ripped
From Nancy Pelosi’s wall.  We will wave it
Wildly above our heads, let the others spray
Their cheers and go, rambling across the
Capitol steps.  There is no one to stop us now.
General Lee long ago
Heard it in Virginia, and it brought
Into his mind the back and forth struggle
Toward ultimate victory; we also
Can find in this sound tonight,
What we hear from the waters of the reflecting pool,
The sound of our righteousness.
A Sea of Faith
Was, once upon a time, something that all Patriots
Carried in their hearts, the way they wore
Their powder in their packs.
But now I hear it come roaring back,
Back into the fore
Ground of our minds, the Faith that
Our leader, more mysterious than the night-wind,
More powerful than Everest, will
Only move us forward, never
Retreating, until we shear down these
Vast edges of the naked
Pansies of the world.
Hey babe! I’ll be true
To you if you’ll be true to me!  The world is
At our fingertips.  The Libtards can’t stop us now.
You thought it was all but a dream, but
This, this is the American Dream, the dream
That if you want it, you can take it, come!
Come and take it, babe! Let’s do it, right here
Right now, window open, displaying ourselves
To the world, like our proud, strong, firm Revolution
Sweeps across the city and takes flight,
While the ignorant Congressional folks argue long into the night.

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