Friday, October 2, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: Yet Another October

And it's yet another October
waiting impatiently for the rain.
nightfall again,
there's no way out of these blues,

but at least there is a Hunter's Moon,
hanging full and low like a fruit of the 
obsidian vine,
orchestrated night, listening to
the chirping of the night toads calling 
to their toad lovers, staving off 
the loneliness for awhile,

the mornings become eclectic,
a touch of chill followed by the 
bout of heat, until day fades again
to night, for another round of 
wine and a prayer for forgetfulness.

Another October, 
which is really nothing more than 
an ode to a dying September,
and an open door to the chill of Winter.



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