Saturday, January 4, 2020

Overread at Table 2: From The Aphorisms of Giuseppe Salinghetti

p. 54

The only war you win is the one that you never start.

There is no one so grateful as the one who is forgiven the debt that he can never repay.

If you want your wife to fulfill your needs, you must first fulfill hers.*

Time is the one constant in that we each have the same moment, which is this moment NOW;
Time becomes inconstant in that some of us elongate the past, or slice segments out of it altogether, while others of us try to live forward into the imaginary future, either by decades, or years, or days.
But most of us just stretch time forward into what we anticipate having for dinner.

There is nothing so perfect as what you envision the future to hold when you allow yourself the freedom to dream.

* Editor's note: we have left the original text.  Having been written on the margins of Salinghetti's store receipt logs, we can place the date of this quote between January 3 and January 5 of 1953.   The editors feel certain, based on his other writings, that were he to write this today, he would have used "spouse" for "wife" and "theirs" for "hers."

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