Thursday, October 28, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: Rainfall


The shadows of rainfall
Patter the sidewalk
And we’re laughing as we run into the café
Shaking the raindrops
Out of our wet hair,
We order a cappucino and a grand frappe
And we spend the afternoon in quiet conversation
As the people walk by outside in contemplation
Our words they dance between us in the air
As the café plays Here There and Everywhere.
The patter of footfalls
Trickle through the front halls
And we’re laughing as they tumble into our arms
Shaking the rainfall
Out of their wet hair,
Our children who’ve been playing all day in the rain.
And we spend the afternoon with these rambunctious children
Running through the house in wild abandon
Shouting voices fighting dragons madly in the hall
And life goes on like Ob-la-di blah-dah


NOTE: I think this was going to someone to try to make a song out of.

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