Sunday, March 28, 2021

Overheard at Booth 2: Harry Potter vs the CEO

And he was telling his friend, "And so our pastor on Sunday was having ANOTHER sermon about Wicca, even slamming Harry Potter... I couldn't believe it.  Harry POTTER?  Dang, even the liberals are now disowning Harry Potter, but seems like the pastor is preaching like it's 1999, because he's all on about witchcraft.  I thought he was going to mention Dungeons and Dragons any second ...

"but it still burns me up that he never talks about the millions of CEOs out there who lead companies and cheat their employees out of fair wages and do whatever they can to screw their workers over for the sake of a greasy dollar, but does he ever talk about that?  NOOOO!"

[note: this was inspired by a journal entry dated 1-6-2013, which was when we were still attending Second Baptist Church in Houston.  So more than likely this was from a sermon given by Dr Ed Young]

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