Saturday, August 29, 2020

Overheard at Booth 1: Cuties

So there is a petition to have Netflix drop the French film "Cuties" because it supposedly promotes pedophilia, but no one in America really knows why or how because no one has yet seen the film.

Netflix started the conflict by putting out a flyer with tween girls in sexually explicit costumes, which apparently is a scene from the movie during a dance number.  The original poster in France for the original title Mignonnes, shows the same girls laughing and shopping.

Looking only at the trailer, which is the only access I have to the film, I have made my snap judgement after a few seconds.

Yes, it is a coming of age film.  Europeans have ALWAYS had coming of age films, usually about 11 year old boys in love with 40 year old women just at the outset of World War II; this film appears to have the implication that this young Senegalese girl will become attracted to a French girl, but I would rather hope that they are only friends, simply because Lesbianism is part and parcel of every film genre these days and frankly is becoming a bit banal.

About the hypersexualization: young girls in dance and tight clothes will probably bring out the pedos, but then the pedos already get their stuff off the internet, so real pedos will probably find this movie a bit boring because they have so much worse videos in their personal possession.

That said, what I find interesting is that the Conservatives want to ban this movie and Liberals are relatively silent.  Should be the other way around.  Conservatives should love this movie and Libs should hate it. 


Glad you asked.

It's about a Muslim girl who is saved by white French girls.  Saved from a domineering mother, saved from her oppressive religion, liberated into being free.

In Modern America, this should play right into the worldview of each:  Conservatives should see it as the triumph of White European Colonial culture, and Liberals should see it as just another glory of imperialism using the old trope of the White Savior.

But then ... they haven't watched the movie yet.  Maybe they will all change their minds when it drops on September 9.

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