Saturday, April 18, 2020

Overheard at the Counter: Black Shoes with Buckles

Verble says, "I try to be a good husband, I really do, but there are some subtleties that I will never understand.  For example, once, my wife and I were at the mall and she'd been looking at shoes, and when we got home she told me that she really wanted to get a pair that she'd seen.  Some black shoes with buckles.  I said I remembered what she was looking at.  I'd go back and get them.  So I go and get the shoes and I bring them home and she said, 'Those aren't the ones,' and I said, 'Yes, they are.  They are black.  And they have buckles.'  And she said, 'No, these have square buckles with the sharp corners.  I wanted the ones that have the square buckles with the slightly rounded corners.'  I mean, you couldn't even SEE the difference unless you were up close.  I was like, 'What exactly is the difference?!' and my wife told me, 'You will never understand.  You are a straight male.'"

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