Saturday, April 25, 2020

Overheard at Booth 2: Script idea "Primer Sangre"

Script Idea:

Primer Sangre

Yes, a remake of First Blood.

Yes, a remake.

No worries, Hollywood is flooded with them.  In fact, Hollywood couldn't make an original movie if it showed up on the doorstep as a final edit already prepared for mass distribution.

Regardless, take the original First Blood, which was the only Rambo movie worth a damn.  The rest were paltry attempts to make money, based on the public's adoration of toxic masculinity and its perverse Nationalist streak.  But the first movie, was a great psychological thriller about a soldier with PTSD against a small town Sheriff's office who were antagonistic toward veterans, a morality play about how society expects soldiers to give up their sanity (if not their lives) for rich men's wars, and then casts them aside like trash.

So ... now for the reboot.

Primer Sangre's main character is a young man who did 4 or 5 tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and who is a highly decorated and deadly killing machine (aren't they all?), but the difference in this instance is that he is also an undocumented Salvadoran who was brought here by his parents when he was only 3 years old.

The guy doesn't speak Spanish (if so, barely) and he lives in Arizona, and one day at a traffic stop (tail light out) he gets profiled by the hick Sheriff (White Supremacist) and then we're off through the desert with our hero fighting for his very life ... against the Sheriff's office and the CBP officers.

Picks them off, one by one.  "You can't send me back to a country I never knew!"  and "I died for this country!  Now I will kill for it!"  and other cool lines like that.

"You don't belong here," says the Sheriff in one scene.

"America made me.  If I don't belong here, then no one does!" he replies.

So, in the end, the whole question is about who is truly an American ... only those born here, or those who fought for the country ... regardless, if America is represented by all the characters in this film, it's quite obvious that the only thing America respects is the gallons of blood poured out into the desert sands by the ever-increasing body count.

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