Thursday, March 5, 2020

Overread at Table 5: a response to Social Media interaction ...

A screenshot from a DM:

Thank you, but I will have to bow out of any further discussion with you.   Your very question of “Are you willing…” presumes a superiority on your part which precludes honest discourse.  I’ve been through many of these before and frankly, I’m old and I don’t play games.

Your plethora of detailed responses was clearly meant to demonstrate a superior knowledge of the lethality of various arms in an attempt to “prove” that a shotgun is as lethal as an AR-15.  That is pedantry.

Frankly, I no longer have time for that, and I’m simply not interested in talking with you.  However, you may have some interesting conversations with my good friend [@XXXXception], if you desire.  
He is very knowledgeable as well in the various physics of firearms.

But I do thank you for reaching out, and I hope that your other convos will be edifying and fulfilling.

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