Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: My Corona (from Life in the Time of Corona)


Ooh, over in Wuhan, in Wuhan
In a fish market you will FIND corona
Jumpin’ from bats into humans, to humans
Now that’s just crossin’ the LINE, Corona

Never gonna stop, gonna spread, with every sneeze
We all gonna catch it, catch this new disease
Sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze ACHOO!
M-m-m-my Corona

Come a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
At least I don’t bleed from my EYES, like Ebola
Keeping it a mystery, the CDC
Cuz Trump don’t care if we all DIE, Corona


When you gonna test-a me, for this disease
Is it just a matter of time, Corona?
Is it d-d-destiny, d-destiny
That no one will be left aLIVE, Corona?


M-m-m-my Corona
Ooooooo-ohhh, my Corona
Ooooooo-ohhh, my Corona
Ooooooo-ohhh, my Corona

From “My Sharona” by Burton Averre and Doug Fieger
Adapted lyrics by MR

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