Friday, March 6, 2020

Overhead at Table 1: Soviet Honeymoon

Garage Band named
Soviet Honeymoon

“I breastfed my baby all over Charlottesville” was the opening line to the rock opera by Soviet Honeymoon.

The front woman was Candace X

lines from the song: 

wounded smile
dark and seamless sleep

The name of the song is “Jesus was a Refugee”

First Verse: 
I breastfed my baby all over Charlottesville
Sometimes some frigid bitches shot me looks that could kill
But what the cons think don’t mean shit to me,
 … because Jesus was a refugee.


[note: these came from interactions on Twitter.  "Candace from TX" had the name Soviet Honeymoon when talking about Bernie Sanders.  I said that'd be a great name for a band; she said it was her garage band.  The "breastfed" line was from some other person whose handle I have forgotten, but it was in response to a question about breastfeeding in public.   My nephew MR wrote the first verse of the song.  I hope he'll write the rest of the Rock Opera.]

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