Thursday, March 7, 2019

Overread at the Counter: PK Goes to Bonaire

PK Goes to Bonaire

… and now PK’s gone,
flying on a jet airpline,
leaving Jersey for

Clear air.
Good air.
Bonnie ayre!

And I can see him
looking out the window,
wearing his reflective shades
and his brown Stetson hat,

fingers tapping on the windowpane:
scarred plexiglass that has seen
a thousand skies.

PK starts to hum a note,
then another note, notes
that string themselves into a tune.

Feel the beat.
Tap your feet.

Smile at the passenger
in the next seat.

PK goes to Bonaire,
                clear air!
                                good air!

and he’ll return
                from there

with some stacks of wax
and a pack of





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