Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Notes from a Tweetstorm Never Posted

You are right on one point: the ACA was doomed to failure because it did not do what it needs to do to help all Americans, which is: to kill the Health Insurance industry.

But to strike to your nihilistic (IOW “bullshit”) POV: a functioning society needs people – HEALTHY people – to make it function.  A bunch of sick people don’t help a society work.  Ergo, health care is needed.

Why is healthcare needed?  Because our bodies are frail and they get sick (as you so pointed out), but for us to truly help each other, it behooves us to be as NOT-sick as possible.

Additionally, the government has one job – ONE! – which is, to make sure that its citizens do not die.  Which is why we have the military (which makes conservatives ejaculate wildly), which keeps bad guys from bombing us.  But that also means it needs to keep the citizens from dying from sickness.

Being healthy is not an attempt to put off inevitable death: it is merely an attempt to have as fulfilling life while here. 

But let’s get to the main point: the reason for us to be here as individuals is to help each other.

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