Saturday, March 2, 2019

Overheard at Booth 2: Frenetic

So I had to go into work this morning, on a Saturday, work five hours which put my total work this week at 60 hours, which is total bullshit, because we're only supposed to work around 40, right? 

wrong!  not anymore goddammit.  you don't work at least 50 you won't get ahead, you won't get that raise, you won't get that promotion, fuck it's not even that any more, if you don't work your ass off and sell your soul to your fucking company they will let you go, because that's America, that's how we DO things here,

and then i get off work and I go to Krogers because the wife has called and wants me to pick up some brioche buns - not those cheap ones like you always get! she says - and soem sharp cheddar cheese, and then she wants me to pick up some Blue Bell ice cream - not that generic brand! she says, gimme something good!

and I'm at the store and then everybody there is so FRENETIC - the carts are zipping in and out around each other and everybody is looking insane, hell even the grade school kids are running around with their arms in the air acting like they have no self control and I just want to scream and run out of the store and just go hide in the car and

i don't know how we stand it.  We are sick, i tell you.  It's like there is a constant stream of electric shocks being forced through our bodies and we can't relax, we can never relax, we never rest and I kid you not, this is what will kill us all.

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