Friday, March 3, 2017

Overheard at Table 4: Fantastic Four (2015)

Very simply put, did this movie need to be made?
The answer is


No it did not.

Sure, OK, Johnny Storm is black and Sue Storm was a white girl adopted by Johnny Storm's dad, so we have the current culture pretty well identified, but we've already had two Fantastic Four movies in the past decade and those did pretty well and those actors could still play the roles because they're not TOO old yet, but I guess Marvel just wants to recycle the same damn money makers every seven years with new characters like they did with Spider-Man.

Well, think of it like comic books, when you get a new artist.   It's kinda like that.  The characters always look a little different.

But still.  Good lord, retelling the same origin story.  That gets old.  Stop with the damn retelling of the origin stories.  It's like the Wolverine movies, they have different origin stories for him all the time.  You have no idea who this guy really is!   It's nuts.

This isn't artistry.  They have no control over their characters.  They're just putting crap up on the screen in order to make money.  And it's insulting.

Besides, this movie was simply boring.  Really.  Boring.

and that's a crime, when it comes to movies. a real crime.

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