Saturday, March 4, 2017

Overheard at Table 3: Undocumented Unfairness

C: Well, they should have come here legally.  If they didn't they are illegal immigrants.

L: You smoked dope in college.  It was against the law then in every state.  Did that make you an "illegal" student?

C: It's different.  My smoking dope wasn't stealing jobs from other people.

L: Last I checked you weren't wildly keen on re-roofing some guy's house for eleven bucks an hour in the 110 degree heat.

C: Well they're stealing jobs from Americans who should be doing that.   Other Americans could be out there doing that.

L: Don't you think the guys would hire them if they could?  If you could get a white guy or a black guy to do that, you would.  Problem is, they won't.  So, yeah, you can call them illegal all you want, point is, we all benefit from their work.

C: It's still wrong.  Wrong is wrong and people should obey the law.

L: Like how you obeyed the law when you broke the speed limit by getting here today?

C: Not the same thing.

L: It's still wrong.  Wrong is wrong and people should obey the law.

C: That's the problem with you liberals.  You talk and talk in circles and get everyone confused.

L: By using their own words against 'em.  Yeah.  I know.  SO unfair!

C: You're lucky you're my brother and I love you.  Otherwise I'd throw you through a window.

L: Likewise.

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